July 13, 2024

One study found the most
pronounced difference between
happy and unhappy people
was their level of social connection.

Expand yours today.

Female Friendships

When asked if they were satisfied with the number and depth of their female friendships, over fifty women in the Triangle responded:

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Our Community Reach


Learn About TheTableRDU

We’re a community of women who value connection, friendship and opportunities for goodwill.

After you create a profile you can engage in community posts and get to know fellow members.

Members can communicate through group posts or meet in person for a meal, activity or act of goodwill. They can also find other women who are facing or who have gone through similar hardships (e.g. divorce, cancer, infertility, etc.).

Members can post about activities or interests in various groups, and they can send direct messages to one another. Profiles and groups contain zip codes so members can connect with women who specifically live near them.

Ladies join The Table for new friendships, greater social engagement and/or to advance goodwill. Any woman who seeks social connection, moral support, or opportunities for human kindness has her place at The Table.

It’s free.

Members must have an active email address to create a profile, and that information is never visible to others. Members are also asked for their date of birth which populates members’ ages accordingly (as some members seek friendship with women of a particular age range, etc.)

We welcome women of all ages (21+) and all seasons of life.

Renee Smith is the Founder. She was born and raised in the midwest and has lived in the Triangle for over 20 years. She created TheTableRDU in response to women who share a desire for more friendships and a genuine sense of community.

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major Update

The Table just got a makeover with a sleeker interface. Just a heads-up: You might need to re-upload your profile photo.